Internet Provider Start-Up Simpli Connect Aims To Make It Easier For People To Access The Internet

Internet Provider Start-Up Simpli Connect Aims To Make It Easier For People To Access The Internet. For many of people, going online is as frustrating as trying to get a license renewed. Simpli Connect takes the hassle out of access by giving its clients products that are designed for their needs. They can be a stay-at-home parent or leading their business expansion into Africa or even both, the company has the experience and capacity to get them there.

The company makes internet access as easy as possible. Connected by SA’s most loved network, clients can rest assured that they will always be online. Simpli Connect is the no fuss internet provider that clients can rely on for the fastest, most affordable and most reliable service out there.  So while broadband, fibre and wireless might sound like trendy breakfast cereals, the company has technology experts that know their stuff so clients don’t have to. Its solutions also include things like VoIP, cloud backups, disaster recovery, and software as a service. It also has experienced consultants across various industry verticals that can give its clients the personalised service they need.

The company is powered by Vodacom, one of SA’s most loved networks; Simpli Connect tailors its broadband, fibre, and wireless packages to fit into its clients unique requirements. The company believes that it works a bit differently from the others.  Not only is it about its customer service and world-class products but it believes in letting customers take control of their purchasing experience.

Offering speeds up to 10 times that of 3G, its SimpliLTE solution provides customers with the fastest way to access the internet that is legally available without having to dabble in science fiction.  With a SimpliLTE Internet Package, customers will get super-fast internet speeds, a router and SIM card, along with a range of data packages to suit their needs and their budget.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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