Top 5 Black Owned Sneaker Brands Of 2021

Top 5 Black Owned Sneaker Brands Of 2021

Top 5 Black Owned Sneaker Brands Of 2021. The South African sneaker brand industry was dominated by international brands for a long time, even though this is still the case, there have been some proudly South African black owned sneaker brands that have been established. They have gained mainstream success and are building towards becoming dominant brands in the industry. Below are the Top 5 black owned sneaker brands of 2021.


Bathu is a sneaker brand that was founded by Theo Baloyi, the sneaker brand aims to inspire people to walk their own journey and for them to follow their passions. This is because it’s founder is also someone who left the corporate world and he decided to follow his passion for entrepreneurship. The brand has been able to grow and increase its brand value over the years, it has been able to achieve a lot of accolades and has opened a lot of stores that create employment for the people of South Africa.

Drip Footwear

Drip Footwear is a sneaker brand that was established by Lekau Sehoana. The brand has been able to build itself to reach a point where it is regarded as one of the best back owned sneaker brands. The brand has been able to achieve a lot this year as it was the sponsor of the South African Music Awards, it has also managed to open several stores that will help on the eradication of unemployment.

VAYA Footwear

VAYA Footwear was founded by Themba Makamo, the brand’s sneakers help ambitious people who want to be successful to realign with their goal, by reminding them of that their dreams are valid and that they can conquer all challenges that may come their way, unlike just offering them fashionable sneakers. This could be why the brand has enjoyed the success it has had this year. It managed to get its name out there and managed to open its first physical store.

Kicks Sportswear

The company was established by Sammy Mhaule with a mission to build a sustainable business that champions entrepreneurship and employment opportunities, while creating sports and athleisure wear that boosts, motivates, inspires and delivers innovation at every level. The company has been able to reach the level of success where it signed a multi-million Rand deal with South African singer Makhadzi. The deal has seen the brands already launch their collaboration sneaker called Kokovha.

Koena Clothing

This is not just a sneaker brand but it is an overall clothing band that was founded by Koena Moabelo. The company managed to partner with social media influencer Daniel Marven, in order to create a sneaker, even though the company hasn’t received widespread popularity, it is showing signs of having steady growth throughout the years and it seems it will continue to grow some more in the coming years.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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