BrownSense Launches BrownSense.Africa

BrownSense Launches BrownSense.Africa in a media statement the popular networking driven by the zest to support black owned businesses wrote;

Two weeks ago, we launched BrownSense.Africa, our very own B2C and B2B platform that will open your business up to more markets than ever before. With the recent national lockdown, it has become more and more important to incorporate a digital component to your business.

BrownSense.Africa provides you with a robust automated system that helps you manage every step of your customer’s journey, right down to the admin-related tasks of stock-keeping, invoicing and organising data.

Successful E-Commerce relies on efficiency, transparency and a relationship of trust between supplier and customer. Our newsletter today takes you through BrownSense Verified and how it helps to promote a culture of trust between you and your potential client. 

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