Interview With Social Light Founder Tony Mautsu!

Interview With Social Light Founder Tony Mautsu! Social Light company has emerged as one of the biggest media companies in Botswana over the past few years.

We recently had a chat with the founder, Tony Mautsu to talk about how the company became what it is today, the challenges, growth and future plans. Check out the interview below.

Q: What inspired your business idea?

Answer: Often we think that not being chosen for a position you want is a bad thing. I had volunteered for the biggest marathon in Botswana and I had not been selected for a big role, rather I was assigned to litter and toilets. I felt I could bring more to the table than cleaning and become a person of value that I wanted to show. I decided to volunteer to do Social Media for the marathon during my spare time (at the time social media had just launched in the country and had a bad reputation). Through trying to show my value and prove that I deserved a position of significance I became “The Social Media Guy”.

Q: What problem does your business solve?

Answer: We provide digital solutions to businesses and allow them to engage with clients/customers in a meaningful way that optimizes their brands potential . I remember there was nothing more fulfilling than helping my very first customer to be able to collect the right running pack on race day. My first customer was from the North of the country, close to 900 kilometers from Gaborone but I was able to make their experience and engagement during the marathon very enjoyable. At Social Light we provide solutions that help organizations and people to engage in a more meaningful way with their environments – be it Social media management, media monitoring, live-stream, animation or applications. We make it an experience that is worthwhile and memorable.

Q: How does your business generate income?

Answer: We have two main models that we use:

  1. the retainer model and
  2. the once off model , which caters for services that do not require a long-term engagement. Through these models we provide various solutions for Digital.

Q: Which are some of the challenges you face in your business?

Answer: There are no barriers to market entry so anyone can come into the industry and set up shop.

Q: What sets you apart?

Answer: Before anything else, we are Globally African! We understand the world is constantly changing and adaptability is key, we make sure we offer our clients an approach that allows them to compete globally with the best yet retain their originality. I believe the Promised Land is where you are able to compete with the best globally and not be forced to change what sets you apart or your uniqueness. Social Light has been able to pull this off very well and proven this over the past 6 (six) years .We have shown that we can stream events for big international names like Richard Brandson & Strive Masiyiwa that remain relatable. Recently, our founder went further to showcase our Globally African nature and fly the country’s flag by being listed on the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 for the year 2020, a historic moment for our organization as a whole!

Q: What makes Social Light unique from other public relations and media communication related companies?

Answer: We are simply “Globally African”. Embedded in our DNA is the pride we carry – the pride of our origin – being an African digital solutions company and being able to represent our clients well on a global platform. At Social Light, our clients are guaranteed of a young,relatable & fresh approach to the ever evolving media landscape. We always offer a localized approach that impacts internationally due to our understanding of both markets.

Are you proud of where your business is so far?

Answer: I would say I am proud of my team,we have come a long way and as we continue to push the boundaries. I respect the hours of commitment and hard work they put in and I believe that I work with one of the most passionate groups of young professionals. Yes, I am proud of the business and the team makes the business and we have been able to grow each stride.

Where do you see yourself and your business in the next five years?

Answer: We really want to do more to serve the creative space and propel humanity to the next level. Africa has a lot of potential and we believe that we can harness it and connect Africa in a way that we understand and will benefit us. There is really a lot to be done in order for us to be catapulted to the next level and fully embrace 4IR. So in short I foresee us with a bigger footprint across Africa and changing the African narrative from yes we can to yes we did.

Q: Did your childhood play an active role in where you are today/ did you always believe a social media management company was your desired career choice?

Answer: When I was young social media did not exist and the internet was very hard to access. I chuckle as I write this and say I am a product of my childhood and experience. It taught me a lot of important traits, trading, negotiating, empathy and more importantly being able to adapt.

Q: Are there any prospects of expansion in the near future?

Answer: We will be launching a few projects soon that will focus on Africa’s adaptability and building new ways of thinking.Amidst the health pandemic we believe systems melt down to allow for a new order to take its place and those who are prepared for that will thrive and those that aren’t prepared to change will barely survive if they survive. So do keep an eye out on our platforms for those announcements.

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