Interview With Thuma Thina Delivers Founders Bianca Mvelase, Mechile Mvelase and Simi Fihla!

Interview With Thuma Thina Delivers Founders Bianca Mvelase, Mechile Mvelase and Simi Fihla! The COVID-19 pandemic has had great effects on local businesses. Some business were forced to shut down completely whilst some are still hanging by the thread.

But it’s not all negative, some entrepreneurs have taken full advantage of the trying times and started businesses during the pandemic. What’s even more inspiring is that these businesses provide solutions to the challenges people are currently facing due to the pandemic.

We recently had a chat with the three founders of Thuma Thina Delievers. She spoke to us about the challenges of starting a business during COVID-19, what has been fulfilling about the business and future plans. Check out the interview below.

What inspired your business idea?

The business was a direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic that saw the
world go into instant change and bring about a new normal . We saw a gap in the market as the country underwent new laws under social distancing and lockdown levels that limited the movement for greater communities and retailers. Our intention has been that of facilitating convenience through secure affordable delivery solutions by using innovation.

What problem does your business solve?

From a safety perspective we redirect unnecessary traffic of filled stores
to making use of our online (WhatsApp and Telephone) means of ordering therefore combating the pandemic and directly assisting with social distancing and flattening the curve. Our business model more than anything facilitates  convenience and will do so long after the pandemic as we believe we are the bridge between retailer and  consumer. Our efforts are to make products and services easily accessible from anywhere while in the comfort of your home .

How does your business generate income?

Our income model is based on deliveries completed and that is how we
currently generate our income .

Which are some of the challenges you face in your business?

Our current challenge is financial. We require capital to complete the infrastructure we need to make our deliveries fully accessible online. We also make use of our own vehicles for delivery and face challenges in
the day to day costs eg. Petrol and car maintenance. We believe that
investing in better marketing strategies could bring in more customers and position our service.

What is your differential?

As a first of its kind in our region I believe our differential is innovation. We took something already in existence in bigger cities and brought it to the smaller towns and made the service available not only for
the suburbs but also to the township. Our solutions are convenient, affordable and easily accessible.

How do people access your service?

People are able to reach us and access our services via our dedicated
contact number where you can call or WhatsApp us on 060 497 2757. We also available via email on and all social media platforms as @thumathinadelivers or

Are you proud of where you are so far?

Yes we are definitely proud of where we are as we have been able to disrupt the market in just over 3months of being operational. We have managed to build relationships with reputable retailers and formed partnerships with big brands like Wimpy and Sausage Saloon. There is a call for our service even outside of the current province we operate in which is a clear indication that we should be proud of how far we have come along with our own financial and non financial resources.

How has your business been coping since the outbreak of covid-19 and
existing lockdown measures?

The outbreak of covid-19 saw the birth of Thuma Thina Delivers. This lockdown period has seen us growing from strength to strength during this time putting safety as our main priority for both the consumers
,retailers and employees.

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