Dj Sbu’s Mofaya Launches New Flavours

Dj Sbu’s Mofaya Launches New Flavours! The company shook the beverage and media sectors with unconventional marketing strategies that got everyone talking about the brand. At a press event earlier today, entrepreneur DJ Sbu launched new flavours CoffeeCola , Orange Ting, Ginger Zing. The entrepreneur also announced that Mofaya will be moving to new premises in Randburg. Check out the flavours and their backstory below!


An inspirational sparkling energy drink releasing bursts of coffee and cola flavours, one after the other, on your palate. A hint of cinnamon here & cherry-like sweetness there, teases the taste buds, awakening all the senses, ayobaness, and VUMVUM-ness (love & loyalty). Vuka mawulele! Iskhathi zoku vuka uyophanda, down this drink before you head out to go hustle. The hustlers drink, idrink yabo guluva. Go from a flicker to a flame.


An ephaphayo nememezayo (excitable-bold-vibrant), flavoured sparkling energy drink, packed with well-rounded citrus notes that produce a clean, crisp and refreshing lemon-orange taste. Just like ama yellow bone, ngi phapha strong because my look and taste gives me the right to. Imnandi blind iVRRRRRPHA! Enjoy throughout the day and be prepared for jazzed-up alertness!


A homely, thirst quenching, sparkling energy drink inspired by deep African tradition. A Zing of ginger and tropical pine flavours combine and land subtly in the mouth, leaving an that kitaza’s (tickle) in the throat, causing the tongue to lilizela (ululate) whilst iqeda ukoma (quenching the thirst) and connecting you to your roots! Uyayazi igemer? Qwala nge gemer ephuma ePrivate school, iMoFaya Ginger Zing izokukitaza ulilizele. If “ubuntu” had a taste, it would taste like this.

In addition these soft drinks are also available

Mofaya Soft Drinks

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