10 Things you should know about Zellah Fuphe

Zellah Fuphe is widely known as the chair of the Social and Ethics committee of AECI. Here are 10 Things you should know about Zellah Fuphe.

  1. Zellah Fuphe is on the board of Engen Ltd. and KAP Industrial Holdings Ltd. and Executive Director-Corporate Services at Dimension Data Middle East & Africa (Pty) Ltd.
  2. In the past she was Chairman of Africa Oil Corp., Chairman for Worldwide Coal Carolina Pty Ltd., Managing Director & Director at Pembani Group (Pty) Ltd. and Managing Director at Plessey (Pty) Ltd.
  3. She received an undergraduate degree from the University of Cape Town.
  4. Fuphe is responsible for driving the firm’s strategy and investment opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa.
  5. She joined the Worldwide group in March 2002 looking after Worldwide’s interests in the energy sector was appointed the Managing Director of Worldwide in April 2004.
  6. She joined the oil industry in 1990 and has held various strategic and management positions both within and outside the oil industry.
  7. Her experience in the oil industry is both in the line and corporate roles, including marketing, retail, property management, as well as human resources.
  8. She has also worked in mergers and acquisitions in pursuit of investment opportunities in West Africa.
  9. She was the Managing Director at Afric Energy Resources.
  10. In 2000, she was appointed the Managing Director of Afric Oil in 1995 and also served as its Chief Executive Officer.
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