5 Things To Know About Khanyi Mbau’s Gin!

The name Khanyi Mbau is synonymous with all things pertaining to the world of Art and entertainment. However, in the year 2018, the talented star stroked the alcohol beverage industry by launching her own range of Gin called, I AM KHANYI.

This new venture proved to be quite lucrative for the award winning actress as the business has taken off to great heights, with a few financial glitches this year due to the scourge of the corona virus.

Below is a compilation of five facts about Khanyi Mbau’s Gin.

1. Rebranding:

In previous interviews, Khanyi Mbau mentioned that the formation of her Gin sprouted from her new rebranding directive. Khanyi recognised that the Gin industry in South Africa, is on a rapid rise, therefore she fully explored the opportunity.

2. A Personal Touch:

In collaboration with Nicole Copper & Malt, Khanyi enforced the mixology of her persona, style and personality into the gin.

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Perfection packaged with abit of shimmer ✨🥃💖 #IAmKhanyi

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3. Reasonable Prices:

I AM KHANYI has been in stock since the year 2018 at various retail stores such as, Makro. Many of Khanyi’s followers were glad to learn that the Gin retails between R389 – R399.

4. Hitting The Tough Times:

The corona virus pandemic severely affected many industries, including the alcohol beverage industry. A few months ago, Khanyi spoke candidly about the financial loss that hit her business, which resulted in a whopping loss of R850 000.

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5. A Hearty Effort: 

From the get go, Khanyi Mbau put her heart and soul into the development stages of the Gin. Stringent measures were put in place hence people will be consuming the Gin. In an interview with Zalebs, Khanyi said the following:

“…It needs focus and concentration as this is something people will be putting in their bodies, so I had to be sure and confident about the quality of the brand…”

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