Why Drinking Whilst Working From Home Could Get You Fired

The corona pandemic saw several companies downscaling from their physical offices to setting up office at home. Just like in any situation,  there are pros and cons in working from home(WFH) and it might sound as a lose and easy working conditions

But for many who are currently working from their homes, it can prove to be a mission and a half, hence there are various and innocuous instances that could potentially get them fired.

Such as consuming alcohol beverages or drugs during working hours, whilst at home. This might seem as a controllable habit but experts have advised otherwise. New research has revealed that employers can confidently terminate the contract of such an employee.

According to the South African Labour Laws, it has emerged that consuming alcohol whilst at home, could get you fired, however the company should clearly communicate the policies which guards against drinking on the clock. Even beyond the office premises, workers are still binded by these policies, in case the productivity of the worker is affected.

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