Ndavhe Mareda’s Mokole Group Is A Diverse Powerhouse Conglomerate

Ndavhe Mareda’s Mokole Group Is A Diverse Powerhouse Conglomerate. Makole Group is a South African 100% black owned infrastructure, property development and mining group. The group also has other businesses outside of construction and mining. The major companies of the group are Makole Property Development, MDP Consulting and Black Royalty Minerals. The company was founded in 2014 by Ndavhe Mareda who also serves as the company’s Chairman. In addition to construction, he started the mining business which he led from prospecting to green fields and ultimately to an established mining operation with long term supply contracts and is active in growing this venture.

Makole Group has managed to deliver diverse quality multi-disciplinary property development and infrastructure development projects in various sectors. The company offers combined specialist construction skills through MDP Consulting and has vast experience in infrastructure planning, designs, project management and community participation. MakoleTech is also a subsidiary of Makole Group and it specialises in IT and technology investment in innovative South African FinTech firms.

“I think I missed just working in a black owned and managed environment. Having worked in BEE advisory services, you always want to celebrate companies that are black and that are not just an investment company with shares here and there without contributing to the value chain.” said Group CEO Malande Tonjeni, in an interview with News24.

In 2018, Makole Group launched Black Royalty Minerals, a mining company. Black Royalty currently operates the Chilwavhusiku Colliery in Bronkhorst, east of Pretoria. The mining business is also working on a number of other projects in its quest to become a diversified South African mining company in key commodities.

“Ndavhe has taken the Construction Company from a private residential home builder offering to a commercial property development company that can deliver multi billion rand projects for thousands of housing units and successfully execute similar size projects simultaneously. It is because of his leadership that the business is a highly regarded player in the building, bulk services provision and infrastructure development sectors.” it said on the company’s website.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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