South Africans Have Mixed Feelings Over Slay Queen Cleaning Services

Slay Queen Cleaning Services is a company that was founded by Refiloe Jawa which renders cleaning services to homeowners and businesses. They offer in house services, corporate event appearances, call in maids as well as rug and carpet cleaning.

These professional commercial and industrial cleaning services are only offered in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

The business trended on Twitter when @SmaNdlelaZN posted pictures of Refiloe Jawa in cleaning uniform, captioned “So there’s a Slay Queen cleaning service in Johannesburg.”

This post was met with different kinds of opinions as South Africans were conflicted on whether this is a legitimate business or not.

@Monroe244 wrote, “I’m I the only one who thinks this is a cover up for the real actual job which is… Let me tool…”

@SirDavid_Dashe wrote, “The dress is inappropriate.”

@Mokgabo_Wame said, “Fifi is doing an amazing job with this despite the comments and what people may think, she found a market and works hard.”

This can be seen as genius marketing for the business because it has made national headlines and people are talking about the company. The company might see a boost in sales and Refiloe Jawa will be laughing to the bank.

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