Brand LAIKI Aims To Promote The Reading Culture In South Africa

Brand LAIKI Aims To Promote The Reading Culture In South Africa

Brand LAIKI Aims To Promote The Reading Culture In South Africa. Brand LAIKI was created to house South Africa’s First Official Urban Edutainer called LAIKI which is an acronym for an urban musical body of work called ‘Life As I know IT’. The Purpose of this brand is to amalgamate education and entertainment in order to captive or conjure up an interest in books and reading to the African Continent starting with South Africa. The aim is to make reading a social norm in a way that’s enticing and innovative to the youth. At Brand LAIKI we understand the power and importance of reading and words, but we also understand that it starts with availability, for how can you love books or reading when they are not available to you.

The company was founded in 2015 by Nicolas Bereng, who also serves as the company’s Managing Director. “To me, reading is one of the most important activities anyone can engage in, which is why Brand LAIKI is focused on inspiring kids to read more using urban music and new technologies. Like travel, reading has the ability to broaden your horizons and to make you look at things in a new light. We might not all have the ability to travel regularly, but we can all read.” said Bereng in an interview with ExpertHub.

 Brand LAIKI is focused on bringing books to African children through private commitments, corporate social investments and government contributions. Brand LAIKI is the spark that has been missing between a child having a book and a child having the desire to open the book, through edutainment. Leaders are always readers and Brand LAIKI aims to bring out the leaders in South Africa by encouraging reading as a social norm in South Africa

“We’re trying to establish the concept of edutainment locally, it’s really not something that exists or that people understand at present. Even people who I would define as ‘edutainers’ don’t necessarily call themselves that.” said Bereng in an interview with ExpertHub. Brand LAIKI, a social educational initiative focusing on pro-reading and South Africa’s first official urban edutainer acknowledged by the president of South Africa and the minister of basic education.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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