How Corium Skincare Is Using Natural Ingredients For Its Skincare Products

How Corium Skincare Is Using Natural Ingredients For Its Skincare Products. Corium Skincare is a South African natural skincare range that was established in 2016 by Vuyi Zondi. Corium (pronounced Ko-Ree-Yum) is the Latin word for ‘dermis’ – the deepest layer of the skin. In its most raw meaning, Corium can also be translated to mean ‘the truest skin’. That is what Corium is all about: giving customers their ‘true’ skin. The brand is built on the hallmarks of simplicity, purity and credibility. The natural skincare solutions that it provides are natural and botanical. In other words, every ingredient in its products is derived from nature, and as far as possible, in its most unrefined and natural state. The company’s recipes are inspired by traditional African, Himalayan and Ayurvedic beauty practices. The company is on an endeavour to partner with its clients by educating them on the benefits of natural beauty products and allowing them to make an informed purchasing decision.

Corium Skincare is a socially responsible company as its raw materials supplier partners with developing organisations and individuals and offers educational assistance and support to emerging farmers around Southern Africa. Products such as its African Black Soap are imported from Ghana and carry approvals from the Ghanaian Standards Board. It makes every effort to operate as an ethical and transparent entity. The company’s mission is to deliver natural skincare solutions which add value to the client, and are competitively priced. It undertakes to make use of the purest ingredients in its product offerings, and to retail completely natural beauty products of the highest possible quality.

Corium Skincare has solidified its reputation as a trusted natural skincare brand which has set itself apart through its innovative approach to natural skincare. Project Phoenix is Corium’s new corporate strategy which aims to take this start-up to the next level.

“We have spent the first three quarters of this year strengthening Corium’s operations to meet the needs of an imminent expansion. It’s action time now, and time for Corium to rise to the occasion and make its mark as a formidable player in its niche market. Retail is a long-term game, and Corium has taken its time to prepare to play in this new league adequately.” explains Zondi in a post on the company’s blog.

Project Phoenix is a three-pronged strategy which will guide Corium’s expansion over the next few years. The three pillars of this strategy are: Physical expansion supported by compatible retail listings; Strengthening and enlargement of e-commerce presence; and Growth of Corium’s footprint in Africa.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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