Software Company Westech Seeks To Provide Diversified IT Services

Software Company Westech Seeks To Provide Diversified IT Services. In this day and age, businesses rely on technology a lot. Unfortunately, though, technology does need maintenance, support and updates. Without those services there is a high chance of data theft, data loss, systems crashing and data breaching. This does not only affect businesses internally, but it affects client relationships and brand reputation.

Westech is a professional IT Support and Services company bringing IT stability and security to companies across South Africa. It works with most industries like engineering, mining, aviation, consulting, media etc as it is creating peace of mind around their IT Systems to create efficiency, improved productivity which result in better profits. It eliminates IT frustrations by implementing the correct solutions at a fair price. Westech is the preferred IT partner in South Africa for Global businesses that have offices here because it understands the exact requirements at a global level. Founded in 1995, Westech is a technology forward company, rooted in offering the most cutting-edge solutions available and making those solutions available to clients without costly overheads.

The company’s relationship with its clients is its number one priority. It analyses the clients’ business technology, finds the IT critical aspects and finds solutions to not only solve the clients’ problems but to also reach their goals with ease. The company has immediate service desk response, live chat support, exceptionally skilled support staff, remote and on-site support, loyalty programs and dedicated account managers.

It all starts with a simple call. It will discuss the clients’ current IT infrastructure and what problems they are facing by means of an IT Audit. Its experience and certified IT support consultants will provide some over-the-phone advice and recommendations. Clients will be able to choose their IT Support SLA and get their IT systems covered.

Westech also created Express Desk, a mobile application, which allows its clients to communicate with the company using any device; this was inspired by the need for its clients to have instant access to its IT Support Application and its e-Commerce site. In an age where instant access to applications and the need for faster support is critical, the company’s application matches this need and is fast becoming a popular requirement for IT Companies operating in a global market.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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