Enygma Ventures Is Seeking For Female Entrepreneurs In Southern Africa To Invest In

Enygma Ventures Is Seeking For Female Entrepreneurs In Southern Africa To Invest In. Enygma Ventures has announced an open call for women entrepreneurs in Southern Africa as the US venture capital (VC) fund aims to invest in women-led and founded businesses in Africa. Lelemba Phiri, the operating partner of Enygma Ventures’ explains to Small Business Cafe that the fund aims to support female innovators and change makers, “We are industry agnostic, which means we invest in any sector where women are thriving. We are passionate about driving progressive change on the African continent.”

“We want to widen our net this year as our fund mandate covers all 16 countries in the SADC region. This quarter we are particularly looking to increase participation from key markets like Tanzania and Malawi which have in the past recorded fewer VC investments, yet have exciting opportunities,” Phiri added.

Sarah Dusek, co-founder and managing partner of Enygma Ventures told Small Business Cafe that, “With just a fraction of global venture funds being deployed across the continent, Africa is an extraordinary opportunity. We established Enygma because we wanted to tackle inequality through 3 lenses – gender, race, and geography. Thus investing diversely, not only from a gender perspective but also a race and geography perspective, was important to us.”

According to reports, the fund invested a recorded $3.5-million in 10 businesses located in South Africa, Eswatini, and Zambia. Applications for investment are open three times a year and shortlisted entrepreneurs are supported via investor readiness programmes and more. Interested entrepreneurs are encouraged to visit Enygma Ventures.

Enygma Ventures is a unique purpose driven investment fund, led by award winning entrepreneurs with 40 years of combined experience growing and scaling businesses in Africa, US & Europe. It understands the struggles and challenges of building big businesses. The company wholeheartedly believes in win/win scenarios for the investor and entrepreneur and therefore have the ability to create flexible financial solutions with efficient & strategic deployment of capital whilst providing helpful tailored support. Through its networks it is able to create access to expertise, mentors, local and overseas markets.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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