Businesses Owned By DJ Dimplez

Businesses Owned By DJ Dimplez. Dj Dimplez- initially called Dj Tumi when he began his DJ career in 2004. Although his birth name, “Tumi” did not appeal to Channel O Vj Lungile Radu six months into his career. During an interview in the channels popular show called “Oboma”, a lot of names came up which included Tumiza, Tombstone that were all complete “no no’s”. The DJ eventually settled on the name DJ Dimplez. He has been an important figure in the pioneering of SA Hip Hop to reach the heights it has reached. Below are some of the businesses owned by DJ Dimplez.


 The Popcast is an online show that is hosted by Scoop Makhathini, Ms Cosmo and DJ Vigilante. It is bringing South African Hip Hop fans the latest and trending hip hop songs and rap music released locally and internationally by South African artists as well as the top trending Hip Hop news commentary. The Popcast was started to shed light into the issues or events that are taking place in the SA Hip Hop community. The hosts give their opinions about the latest news, from music releases, collaborations and events.


The Popcast received much success so its division called ‘PopRadio’ was conceptualised as an online radio show that would be hosted by Scoop Makhathini and Ms Cosmo, the Popcast is very different form PopRadio in because PopRadio is primarily a platform that the hoists use to interview people in the industry and give their background stories, this is why the running time of the Popcast is shorter than the one of PopRadio. Guests interviewed on PopRadio include American rapper Vic Mensa, Uncle Vinny and Moonchild Sanelly.

Pop Bottles

DJ Dimplez enjoys sharing experiences. In 2008, the popular hip hop DJ decided to throw a birthday party and call it Pop Bottles. That signalled the start of what would become a decade-long staple on the music calendar. “The phrase ‘pop bottles’ merely means a celebration and so people just enjoyed the fact that it was on a Sunday – which wasn’t the norm and it was a purely hip hop experience, which, at the time, we didn’t have a lot of. The demand for the event was definitely there from the start. They asked me when we’d be having the next one and I said next year but they weren’t having it. So a month later, we did another Pop Bottles and have been going every month since.” DJ Dimplez told Independent Online.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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