Easy Equities Aims To Make Investing In Companies As Easy As Possible

Easy Equities Aims To Make Investing In Companies As Easy As Possible. Easy Equities (EE), a subsidiary of JSE listed Purple Group Limited (PPE), is an online platform which allows anyone to buy shares in the brands and companies they love. For as little as R5, or whatever amount they have available to invest (and with no monthly brokerage fees) newbie and seasoned investors alike can grow their wealth. Easy Equities powered by First World Trader (Pty), as an authorised financial services provider, has a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Its mission is to be a respected and recognized financial services provider. Treating its customers fairly is a primary objective of the conceptualisation, creation and launch of the platform.

Its TCF policy is structured according to the guidance provided by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority to ensure it consistently delivers fair outcomes to its clients. The company takes responsibility for Easy Equities and all staff providing an enhanced service quality, based on a culture of openness and transparency.

Traditionally there has been a belief that investing is hard. There’s been a tendency to over-complicate the process and charge high fees which has excluded the vast majority of people. Easy Equities aims to disrupt and remove the barriers to entry in local and international stock markets, making the purchase of shares easy, cheap and fun, and ensuring that anyone can own shares in the companies they love.

It totally gets that investing is personal and so it takes a lot of cues from its customers. It is focused on delivering an online experience that is easy and engaging, which is why its team is constantly developing new products and services based on the feedback and suggestions. Its platform was built and continues to grow with its customers.

It has jumped through all the legal and technical hoops to deliver nice-price investing as there are no minimums, no monthly fees and the super low commissions. Let’s not forget about Fractional Share Rights, which allow investors to invest with whatever amount they can afford.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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