Business Partners Limited Has Partnered With FEDHASA To Launch The Sakuma Fund For Independent Restaurant Owners

Business Partners Limited Has Partnered With FEDHASA To Launch The Sakuma Fund For Independent Restaurant Owners. Independent restaurant owners who are FEDHASA members can apply for rental relief and financial aid in the form of an unsecured interest-bearing loan of between R250,000 and R1 million through The Sukuma Fund administered by Business Partners Limited in partnership with FEDHASA.

The Sukuma Fund has allocated  just over R100 million for qualifying businesses, which must be formally registered, operate as an independent restaurant, provide evidence of financial solvency and future viability, regulatory compliant and secure 25% rental relief from landlords.

According to Fin24, FEDHASA estimates that nearly 30% of restaurants were forced to close their doors at the height of South Africa’s hard lockdown. The Sukuma Fund’s restaurant relief efforts could be a lifeline for many restaurants.

In committing to the principle of Humanity, Sukuma makes clear that its relief effort must be done in a spirit of human compassion, recognising that small businesses are the creations of people who ventured and risked in an effort to provide goods and services. Therefore, it approaches its interactions with small businesses in distress by recognising the inherent worth and dignity of the people in the business.

Sukuma stands on the side of small businesses. Impartiality requires of Sukuma to approach its relief work with fairness and equal treatment of all small businesses that need help to weather a crisis. This is why Sukuma cannot apply criteria that would favour any group, creed or gender in its work of relieving small businesses in crisis distress.

In dedicating itself to neutrality in the rescue and relief of small businesses during crises, Sukuma strives for objectivity, so that its relief work is not done to represent any side in an argument or take a view on ideology, but focuses solely on the relief of small businesses in distress as a result of the crisis. There are never enough resources for all the needs of all small businesses during a crisis, which is why Sukuma applies its resources rationally and objectively in harmony with its principles.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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