How Bonema Technologies Found Success In A Highly Competitive Tech Industry

How Bonema Technologies Found Success In A Highly Competitive Tech Industry. Bonema Technologies is an ICT company with core specialisation in asset and performance monitoring expertise, offering tailor made solutions to suit individual clients. The company’s devices and systems monitor assets and their performance, using the latest in satellite technology and asset registry software, simplified to communicate to its clients on Internet and SMS platforms.

Its products offer a user centric experience, making the user of the service in full control of the monitoring. It believes that the customer should have the right and power to select the types of alerts, performance reports and parameters their assets should adhere to.

Bonema’s solutions offer both online and offline services. The user is always assured of performance at all times, at a click of a button, as they have access to the monitoring platform 24/7/365. The continued relationship established with its international partners keeps the company abreast of any changes and advancements in technologies, which makes it of world class standard.

Bonema Technologies (Pty) Ltd is one of the few 100% black-owned and managed Telematics companies in South Africa. It is Industry Accredited and Insurance Approved endorsed by all major insurance companies. Its devices have been developed and designed as per their IPs. The key to its success is to make all its operations simpler for its clients. The company’s products are the most flexible and user-friendly in the industry.

Bonema Technologies prides itself in having the fastest real time tracking in South Africa. It has received a 10 out of 10 accreditation Insurance approval rating, which proves it has the best technology. It also aims to be the best in tailor made, client specific Asset and performance monitoring solutions in the industry. Bonema sees its clients as individual clients with different needs. It believes that its customers deserve to see what they are paying for.

Bonema is a self funded family business, with no external debt and attracts quality staff due to its first to market innovations and creative management style. The company is always working on making the workforce/place/asset efficient and productive, introducing responsive and value adding solutions fit for any organisation or individual user.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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