Siko Republik Seeks To Offer Athleisure Wear With African Inspired Designs

Siko Republik Seeks To Offer Athleisure Wear With African Inspired Designs. Siko Republik is a proudly South African brand that is made by locals from Kwa-Zulu Natal to Johannesburg. Its brand merges African-print led design with innovative solutions in the creation of a versatile athleisure wear gear.

Siko Republik is a new kind of athleisure wear has been birthed by children of the African soil: modern with traditional roots for both gym and street life. The clothing brand is a cultured range like no other with a lot of African swag. The range of athleisure wear is designed for African women; it’s especially created for their body shape & varying sizes. The collections celebrate the diversity of the continent.

Siko Republik is all about living a well balanced lifestyle, looking good while you do so and still staying true to your culture. As the founder of Siko Republik, Jabulile Gwala is the kind of woman who takes a passion, turns it into an idea and grows it into a successful clothing business.

Growing up as an active child who loved sports & playing in the streets, she played with kids her neighbourhood, so when she started going to the gym often, she realised there was a gap in the market for a locally made active wear line with African tribal print, that’s what gave birth to Siko Republik.

Zooming into Siko Republik during the pandemic they have seen more online training which has made people more open to training thus engaging with Siko Republik brand. Their brand awareness scores have increased as well as sales, however customer experiences has been compromised more now than before. Suppliers shut down and some will never open again. Production is super slow as factories operate on skeleton staff and many more.

The clothing brand’s recent collection stretches Siko Republik to new territories like tennis wear, skirts, costumes & dresses. It also has its first unisex jacket as it aims to be more inclusive with the brand. It aims to share the beauty of South Africa through its Nguni print led range with the rest of the continent and the world.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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