Zyle Clothing Is An African Premium Brand That Seeks To Preserve African Cultural Traditions

Zyle Clothing Is An African Premium Brand That Seeks To Preserve African Cultural Traditions. Zyle Clothing is a premium African brand that has produced innovative designs from blankets to street gear. These are conceptualised, designed and produced in-house. The clothing brand was founded by Phumzile Ntuli.

“It was 2016 when I gave birth to Zyle Clothing which is an Afro centric clothing brand that designs and weave colourful cultural blankets. I saw a gap and a need to create new blankets that cater for every tribe we can think of in Africa” Ntuli said on the company website.

She believes that being raised by a cultural single woman had a great influence in her creativity where some of the chores such as pictographs (ukusinda) with a cow dung, picking of the wood from the forest (ukutheza), fetching water from the wale and also seeing on how animal skins were used to make traditional clothes was the tools to mould her to be the person she is today .

Zyle uses different artworks to communicate unity, love, humanity and commitment to one’s culture amongst all people. It believes that people should love one another in fighting the Afrophobic and Xenophobic attacks amongst (Africans). Being a cultural conscious designer the founder of Zyle Clothing intentionally designed the artworks just to make sure that the message is well conveyed through fashion and style as a common weapon which one is always eager to carry as it stands for humanity, love and unity. These indigenous artworks are lined circles and a straight cornered line in-between, can be enhanced by any primary and secondary colours which are also common colours in different African attires.

As a business woman and a ground breaker in the space of blanket designs in South Africa, Ntuli strives to play a role in empowering and creating jobs for the youth and to help various small enterprises with income as she is retailing Zyle Clothing blankets. Her running a premium blanket brand has enabled her to participate in different fashion shows and beauty pageants like the Mrs. Common wealth SA, Mr. & Miss Hartebees and she has dressed Red carpet attendees for the Lion King launch, SAMAs and many more.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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