Businesses Owned By Okmalumkoolkat

Businesses Owned By Okmalumkoolkat. Smiso Zwane commonly known by his stage name Okmalumkoolkat is a South African rapper and half of the rap/electronic duo Dirty Paraffin from Umlazi Township in Durban. Smiso Zwane is known for his futuristic raps and talent in song writing, dance and design. He has a lot of famous singles such as “Mswenkofontein” featuring $tilo Magolide & uSanele. Okmalumkoolkat was born in Umlazi, Durban. After graduating from college, Okmalumkoolkat moved to Johannesburg where he met Doctor SpiZee, with whom he formed Dirty Paraffin. The pair lived together and both shared a mutual passion for art which eventually led to them collaborating several times. After the house in which they lived was robbed, they had to go job hunting. Using the skills he had garnered during his college years, he designed layouts and brands for companies; most notably, Nike. Below are some of the businesses owned by Okmalumkoolkat.

Spova Gang

Okmalumkoolkat breaks down the inspiration behind the making of his clothing brand, Spova Gang. He told Zkhiphani that, “Everyone in Spova Gang is really unique but we also form a very big group of like-minded people or like a collective, so to speak,” he explains. “I started thinking about a sport jersey for Intuma, a sport that actually isn’t recognized as a sport. But since I grew up elokshini (hood), it’s definitely something to look out for in the future as a real sport.”

Sjambok Studios

This is a design and fashion studio that was established by Okmalumkoolkat, the studio is responsible for bringing his ideas to life. Okmalumkoolkat released his Spova Gang clothing line in association with Sjambok Studios. This shows that his businesses integrate and he is able to use them to support each other. Sjambok studios continues to drop the best merch in the game and the latest “Quality Character” pieces further solidify their place at the top. Okmalumkoolkat has one of best artist merch in the country hands down. The Quality Characters collection consists of an Orange T shirt and hoodie with one of malum’s most iconic verses printed on the back.

BoyznBucks Pop-Up Store

Known for their extraordinary type of sound, fashion, art and being trendsetters; BoyznBucks came together to host another exciting pop-up for their new ‘Racing Club’ merchandise. The BoyznBucks pop-up store had items up for grabs including, Hoodies, Caps, Racing Jerseys and Sneakers just to mention a few. In addition, there was also Okmalumkoolkat‘s ‘Spova Gang’ pieces.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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