Envisionit Deep AI Aims To Assist The Health Industry Through Digital Solutions

Envisionit Deep AI Aims To Assist The Health Industry Through Digital Solutions. Established in 2019, Envisionit Deep AI is an innovative medical technology company using Artificial Intelligence to transform medical imaging diagnosis. It is guided by its vision to positively impact healthcare by using revolutionary technology like artificial intelligence to democratise access to diagnostic healthcare. Medical imaging is at the forefront of disruption in medicine and by utilising its platform, people are becoming a part of the movement to democratise access to healthcare for all.

The Envisionit Deep AI solution improves the speed and accuracy with which a doctor can make a diagnosis. It leverages the use of machine learning and the expertise of radiologists to provide an AI platform called RADIFY. The company’s machine learning algorithms use computational methods to “learn” information directly from data. The algorithms constantly improve their performance as the data for learning increases.

When a referring doctor uploads a batch of images an AI algorithm analyses each one and identifies possible problems or pathologies; automatically prioritising the most life threatening cases and relevant images for the doctor. RADIFY highlights and labels these features on the image.

The augmented scans are made available to radiologists/specialists for further peer review assessment and a final report is submitted to the referring doctor. Chest radiography is the most readily available, cost effective and appropriate imaging modality for the assessment and initial diagnosis of common respiratory diseases, including COVID pneumonia. The RADIFY Platform for COVID and Tuberculosis detects, labels and triages the most urgent cases providing a summarised report to the doctors within seconds.

RADIFY for mammography assists radiologists in the diagnosis and screening of breast lesions. Mammography has been the frontline screening tool for breast cancer for decades. The early detection of breast cancer is life-saving especially in under resourced countries. The company developed RADIFY for mammograms as a clinical decision support tool for radiologists when screening for breast cancer.

RADIFY AI solution integrated with the mobile ultrasound tool will achieve radiology-level performance for point-of-care diagnosis on ultrasound images. Ultrasound is a relatively inexpensive and portable modality of diagnosis for life-threatening diseases and for use as point-of-care. The procedure is a non-invasive tool and it quickly gives doctors information necessary to make a diagnosis.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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