How InvestSure Assists Investors In Picking The Companies To Invest In

How InvestSure Assists Investors In Picking The Companies To Invest In. InvestSure reduces risk for investors by insuring their listed shares against losses arising out of the deceptive or misleading acts of management of the company. The story began with three strangers in Johannesburg and an international competition. In 2016 Journey Re, an initiative of Hannover Re, the third-largest reinsurer in the world, invited established and aspiring entrepreneurs to join their prestigious competition to develop disruptive business ideas aimed at reinventing the world of insurance and discovering the next generation of innovators for the insurance and reinsurance industries.

One such aspiring entrepreneur was Shane Curran, a fully qualified CA who, although unable to participate in the Journey Re project at the time, saw it as an opportunity to approach Hannover Re Group Africa with an idea for a new insurance product. He believed that investing in shares was crucial to enhancing one’s wealth over the long term, but that certain risks could seriously harm that long term wealth growth.

Its second innovator Mbulelo Mpofana, with 6 years of financial, capital management, risk management and actuarial science experience behind him, entered the Journey Re competition and was one of the six finalists chosen from South Africa to develop innovative business models over a period of six months in a Johannesburg incubation hub. His personality and passion in the project did not go unnoticed.

Ignatious Nkwinika, the company’s third InvestSure guru who was employed at Hannover Re, has over 14 years of experience as an IT Solutions Architect, and is passionate about technology development and finding innovative solutions within the insurance industry. The Journey Re competition eventually came to an end but with the right introductions the three innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs began a new journey that focuses on delivering a product that changes the game for many ordinary investors.

InvestSure offers a simple way to take the risk of a significant loss off the table, at a very small cost. Picking individual companies to invest in may offer superior returns to ETF or index funds, but it comes with increased risk of significant capital loss. The insurance for shares that we created only protects you from losses caused by management deception or fraud, but these are often the most significant and permanent losses.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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