The City Of Johannesburg Launches The Youth Cooperatives Development Programme

The City Of Johannesburg Launches The Youth Cooperatives Development Programme. The City of Johannesburg has called for more young people in the community to apply for the youth cooperatives development programme. The programme was launched on 10 June by MMC for Economic Development Lawrence Khoza.

The development programme aims to encourage a culture of entrepreneurship by enabling the establishment of cooperatives where young people are invited to participate in various departmental projects. Participants between the ages of 18 and 35 are trained in a number of skills, which includes business ownership, registration compliance regulations and in-depth training.

“A thriving economy is central to the aspirations of achieving good quality of life and productive livelihoods as enshrined in the Jo’burg 2040 Growth and Development Strategy (GDS). The City will continue to shoehorn the aspirations of young people through initiatives such as the youth cooperatives development programme in the aim to turn job seekers into job creators.” Khoza told Sandton Chronicle.

“As we edge close to commemorate 45 years of the 16 June 1976 uprising, the City saw fit to launch the programme in Soweto during youth month as a tribute to that generation’s bravery, vision, and selflessness.” Khoza added.

“The exclusion of the youth from the labour market, the lack of opportunities, along with the devastating effects of COVID-19 on the economy has led to the concerted efforts of the City to focus its support to Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) and youth cooperatives; and to encourage co-production and localisation as a catalyst for economic revitalisation,” said MMC Khoza on the Jo’burg municipality website.

“There is a great of hope placed on the youth and it is for that reason, the City must invest in aspiring entrepreneurs, their talents and skills to participate in the economy. Jo’burg must be mindful in its approach to transform one of our greatest challenges into an asset. The City aims to deliver an enabling environment for its young people to actively participate as drivers of change.  The programme launched today aims to raise awareness among young people about co-operatives as an alternative form of enterprise model which young people can use for their economic, social and cultural development as well as the attainment of their aspirations.” MMC Khoza added.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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