Businesses Owned By Hulisani Ravele

Businesses Owned By Hulisani Ravele. Hulisani Ravele is a South African TV & Radio Presenter, MC, Voice-over artist, Entrepreneur and Success Enthusiast. Having joined the entertainment industry at the tender age of 9, this talented professional is here to stay! Seasoned TV Host and Radio Presenter, Hulisani Ravele, has been in the entertainment industry for more than two decades. Becoming one of the emerging child presenters, Hulisani Ravele remained with YoTV for eight years, which cemented her place with the SABC as a long-serving presenter. She transitioned from a kids show to mainstream media and became a host at one of the country’s leading stations, 947 FM. Below are some of the businesses owned by Hulisani Ravele.

Tshimbiluni Productions

Tshimbiluni Productions is a production company that was founded by Ravele. She founded this company so that she can venture into the business side of TV, she also wants to inspire many young South Africans who also want to follow the path she has taken by showing them that their dreams are valid and they too can own their own companies when they work hard at what they love.

Studio MoMa

Studio MoMa is a luxury grooming studio located in Parktown, Johannesburg, offering a nail bar, beauty studio, barber shop, and hair salon catering to both Afro and Caucasian hair. Ravele announced her partnership with the company in a tweet. The tweet read, “New beginnings… Meet my new baby I’m a proud partner of…@StudioMoMa_SA.” This shows that Ravele is a savvy businesswoman who can spot an opportunity to invest; this skill will take her far in the business world as she will be able to diversify her investment portfolio.

The Muofhe Collection

The Muofhe Collection is an ode to the Tshivenḓa culture. A collaboration between South African media personality, Hulisani Ravele, and PDesignsSA, this collection is an expression of culture and modernity breathing and living as one. “Here stands a woman, one who has found her Purpose, harnessed its Power, and is using it to positively Impact the lives of others. Here stands MUOFHE.” the company said on its website.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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