How Tripplo Aims To Facilitate The Safe And Efficient Movement Of Road Freight Cargo

How Tripplo Aims To Facilitate The Safe And Efficient Movement Of Road Freight Cargo. Tripplo is a Johannesburg headquartered digital platform that facilitates the safe and efficient movement of road freight cargo across SADC. Tripplo’s loads marketplace timeously connects its client’s demand to move cargo with vetted & verified transporters, ensuring their cargo safely reaches even the deepest corners.

Tripplo makes their clients feel like they’re moving with each load. They don’t have to call Tripplo as it proactively gives them regular updates on the trip’s progress with ETA. The trucks will soon give clients updates by themselves. Tripplo ensures that transporters have adequate GIT & also has its own contingency GIT in place to ensure they’re covered if things go wrong, so they’ll be double insured. Tripplo provides small & medium transporters with tools to operate at the same levels as the larger organisations. Tripplo agrees upfront with the transporters on the trip plan allowing cargo to move smoothly whilst the transporter executes the load profitably & efficiently.

Solutions that Tripplo offers include allowing compliant & vetted transporters to easily access profitable loads from credible cargo owners and cargo brokers, manages company information & documents the logistics way to ensure compliance in delivering, houses detailed information of trucks, trailers, and drivers in one place to ensure compliance of licenses, permits, fees whilst surfacing alerts and automated detailed km-by-km trip itinerary for trucks moving goods on any African route to make trips as efficient and as profitable as possible.

“I have personally used a number of systems and software to manage our efficiency across all SADC countries, running big projects into remote areas of DRC and Mozambique, and I can confidently say Tripplo will soon be every transporter’s best friend.” said Timo, a transporter on the company’s website.

Tripplo’s frontend Engineer plays a pivotal role in Tripplo’s innovation drive by ensuring that the user-interface (UI) & user-experience (UX) is implemented according to design principles as well as customer requirements. This role works closely with the engineering, design & product teams.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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