Twice Blue Seeks To Provide Quality Leadership Development Services

Twice Blue Seeks To Provide Quality Leadership Development Services. Twice Blue is a strategic partner, assisting organisations to understand, navigate and develop their people in the changing world of work. In 2017, three forward thinking individuals met to form what would become an impact organisational development organisation.

Their story began in a cool boardroom in Sandton, South Africa. It inspired their thinking as a room where future learning and development would take place for their many customers. They would meet in the evenings, on weekends, and at odd hours to craft their business strategy. They had many conflicts and disagreements on positioning, branding, company name, but ultimately, they had one dream – to be a niche provider of human capital development solutions for their clients. Refiloe Dinanga (then still Manyaka), Alex Granger, and Siphiwe Moyo are the co-founders of Twice Blue.

The company exists to improve its client’s organisational culture, human competencies, skills, performance and bottom line. Through its bespoke solutions, it provides dynamic processes, strategies, skills and competencies that enable organisations to reach their objectives while enabling them to take advantage of new business opportunities in an ever-changing world of work.

It provides bespoke Organisational Development, People and Leadership Development Services to a wide range of industries. Twice Blue sees the world and organisations as complex adaptive systems. ​ It understands that a one size fits all approach does not work when it comes to human related issues. ​It consults, designs and capacitates managers, to build high performing teams.

Think Blue workshops provide leaders and executives an opportunity to partner with an industry consultant in order to workshop, explore and brainstorm their chosen area of focus. The company’s balance of strategic planning, technical expertise and creativity will deliver a conference to remember. To deliver a sustainable message, it will help clients create an immersive event that will live on long after the dates! The company helps its clients to find the right venue, accommodation, and technology to engage their delegates.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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