Ezy Panelbeaters Seeks To Use Its Innovative Skills To Provide Excellent Panelbeating Services

Ezy Panelbeaters Seeks To Use Its Innovative Skills To Provide Excellent Panelbeating Services. Ezy Panelbeaters is a leading panel beating and spray painting company servicing a consumer base comprising of accredited vehicle manufacturers, motor institutions and the general public. The company is a very professional, quality and customer driven business. It is affiliated to MIBCO and RMI. It has a computerised quotation system and it is able to process vehicle claims digitally. Its staff consists of qualified artisans, and it also provides accredited training of apprentices. The company prides itself in providing quality workmanship.

Panel beating is a nonexclusive term that has been utilised in the engine vehicle industry for a long time. It depicts fix to the metal or non-mechanical zones of a client’s motor vehicle. EZY Panelbeaters’ panel beating skilled workers have some expertise in fixing all types of general bodywork and mishap fixes. To accomplish the panel beating result it realise its merit, the company has put resources into the accompanying: World class paint products and paint dispensing systems, State-of-the-art spray painting booths, Quality spray painters, Quality panel beaters, Trained and skilled strippers and assemblers and Trained polishers.

All panel beating innovation and the skill of its panel mixers, is applied only, every day, to guarantee vehicles are fixed utilising the best materials and procedures accessible. This empowers the company to convey its client’s vehicle to them in the state it was, preceding the mishap. It has a state-of-the-art spray booth which combine workstations for preparation, paint mixing and spray painting. The lighting inside the spray booth is distinctive, simulating daylight conditions to facilitate the highest standard of colour matching and is also pressurised to obtain high quality finishes.

Powder coating is the most environmentally friendly painting process available. Ezy Panelbeaters, powder coats various shapes, sizes and colours protecting all steel items from rust and corrosion. The advantage of powder coating is that it is harder, tougher and more durable than conventional paint. Thicker, smooth, texture-free surfaces with no running or sagging can also be achieved with powder coating. Its team of experts ensures that a wide range of special effects and custom finishes are easily achieved with powder-coating. Furthermore, powder coated items produce a better effect between horizontal and vertical coated surfaces.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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