How Update Marketing Is Using Different Marketing Strategies To Fulfil Its Client’s Needs

How Update Marketing Is Using Different Marketing Strategies To Fulfil Its Client’s Needs. Update Marketing pty Ltd was established in 2020 by Wanga Nemavunde as a marketing company. Update Marketing is an Indoor/Outdoor advertising and marketing company that uses different methods as means of advertising/marketing. Its primary intention is to bring innovation solution to south Africa advertising industry.

Update Marketing is an advertising /marketing agency that is dedicated to provide an innovative and interactive promotion to local Brands. It regards itself as leaders in brand identity, flyer distribution, brand activation, township market, voice over recording, and advertising. Its operation is mainly in the shopping centre, subs, township, CBD, malls, and industries area. The company prides itself in being innovative in its approach and different from the rest.

The company consists of campaign makers, brand builders’ whether it is brand activation, flyer distribution, brand identity, wall murals, the company designs to suit its client’s needs. With customised campaigns that create maximum impact to its client’s desired audience. It’s campaign is design specific catchment area and offers eye-catching and affordable Marketing/Advertising that speaks to their target market. Arrow spinning is another marketing method the company is proud of, it targets local traffic and feed that to its clients. Arrow spinning is an interactive form of advertising and marketing that drives immediate traffic to their business.

The company is available to promote brands, products, special offers, activations. Its promotions are placed in locations with special eye catching areas with the aim of acquiring new clients, building awareness and educating the public about their product and services. Whether they need help with one event the company is there for its client. Some of these include Inside store awareness, Consumer Interaction, Shopping malls/ Exhibition halls, Taxi ranks/ Train station, Product awareness and Campus/ Schools Activations.

There is always a place for the more traditional advertising and marketing strategies. Outdoor, indoor, radio and print campaigns are essential to reaching a large number. Whether is billboard, township wall murals ad. Update Marketing gives visual designs the illusion of life and pair it with the voiceover to make the animation appealing and engaging to the target audience.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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