Chemical Manufacturing Start-Up Solvent Distillers Aims To Cater To Various Types Of Chemical Needs

Chemical Manufacturing Start-Up Solvent Distillers Aims To Cater To Various Types Of Chemical Needs. Solvent Distillers is a 100 percent black owned chemical manufacturing company located in Alrode, Alberton providing a full range of services for the chemical user: including recycling of spent solvent streams, disposal of wastes including hazardous and non-hazardous waste, and sales of specialty chemicals and solvents.

The company’s distillation services are mostly on-site but off-site recycling can be arranged with its state-of-the-art technology. Its facility recycling can manage more than 10 tons a day. Solvent Distillers can guarantee its clients premium service for both its clients and their business, whatever their chemical needs may be. Having seen how the state of the chemical industry is continuously evolving and becoming more complex; as a company Solvent Distillers is dedicated to finding innovative ways in which it can follow and create the trends that could potentially change the future of the chemical industry, all the while making it affordable for its customers.

Sustainability is very important to the company hence, its mission and vision is to be a global giant in solvent and fine chemicals production, distribution and supply. The company’s commitment to addressing social development challenges by reducing unemployment, promoting skills development and addressing the ill justices of the past are some of the cornerstones that the company was founded on. Recycling and re-using recycled chemical solvents can be of a huge economic benefit to a company. Solvent Distillers’ solvent recycling service is designed to help reduce a company’s liquid waste disposal expense thus, providing a huge economic benefit. The company uses high tech distillation plants to obtain high purity recycled solvents that can be re-used and re-sold to the market.

Solvent Distillers is also a licenced hazardous waste management company as such, it can manage its client’s hazardous solvent waste such as Thinners, MEK, Acetone, etc. from their premises. In order to reduce waste disposal costs and time constraints for an organisation, the company will collect, transport, treat and recycle a company’s waste; return it back to them at a cheaper price or resell it to new buyers.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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