Facebook Founder And CEO Mark Zuckerberg Announces The New ‘Ray-Ban Stories’ Glasses

Facebook Founder And CEO Mark Zuckerberg Announces The New ‘Ray-Ban Stories’ Glasses. Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Chief Wearables Officer at Essilor Luxottica, Rocco Basilico, announced the introduction or launch of the new Ray-Ban Stories which they describe as the new way to capture, share and listen to content.

In a statement Mark Zuckerberg said, “We’ve believed for a long time that glasses are going to be an important part of building the next computing platform and unlocking a whole new set of experiences for people, so I’m excited that today we finally get to share what we have been working on with Essilor Luxottica, we wanted to build something that will enable you to easily capture and share experiences from your point of view and we thought of we are going to build best in class glasses a great place to start is with the iconic Ray-Ban frames that people already love…”

The glasses have a Dual 5MP camera that gives a user’s content new depth. People will be able to take high resolution photos & quality video. The camera was built so that it can automatically adjust to the light around. The glasses’ external facing capture LED signals to others when the user is taking a photo or video. Users will be able to pause their song, take a photo or record a video with a single touch. It was also announced that the glasses will be retailing at $299 which is approximately R4 212, 91.

The rich voice and sound quality makes calls and video recordings clear, there are also 3 built-in microphones that capture sound in all directions. The glasses will also offer a seamless way for users to share the experiences they have captured on social media platforms such as Facebook. The glasses can also receive voice instructions therefore enabling the hand free experience to the user.

This is yet another new innovation that been enabled by digital technology. This technology has allowed these companies to provide products that seeks to make a person’s life much easier and more enjoyable. With the experiences that the Ray-Ban Stories Glasses promise to give its users, it can be said that the 4th industrial revolution is in full effect and more innovations of this mature should be expected especially from big tech corporations such as Facebook.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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