Thapelo Mokoena Shares The Story On How He Found The Location Of His Molitva Restaurant

Thapelo Mokoena Shares The Story On How He Found The Location Of His Molitva Restaurant. In an interview with Klink Lifestyle South African actor, producer and entrepreneur shared the story on how he found the location of his Molitva restaurant. The Molitva restaurant is located at the Cradle of Humankind, the restaurant was opened on the 16th December 2020 with no media launch, Mokoena says this is because he wanted the restaurant to have an organic launch first.

Mokoena highlighted that it all began when he couldn’t find a suitable place to accommodate his kid’s needs of nature and openness in Johannesburg. He says when he found a restaurant called The Fat Olive when he was driving from Fourways; it was the first time he felt like he was back at his home in KZN with his son. This is the same place he met Milan Cerimaj who was the owner and chef at The Fat Olive.

Mokoena continued to say, “…the next day I came and shared it on social media, the next weekend he was like ‘I’m packed out’, then different faces now and suddenly us the brown people. Two and a half years later he says I think I found what were are going to do together, I’ve found a spot, I said okay, let’s see man I’m up to here with businesses, my 24 hours is full, the pressure is felt so I’ll think about it, he like ‘come see this place’ then I come see it and I fell in love…”

Mokoena explained that the restaurant was officially launched to the media on the 28thof August 2021. Mokoena also mentioned that he is instilling a hardworking mentality in his kid’s as they also help out at the restaurant by cleaning and waiting tables. Mokoena is surely determined to building a legacy that he will one day be able to leave to the next generation in his family.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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