Uncle Vinny Announces New Partnership With Huawei

Uncle Vinny Announces New Partnership With Huawei

Uncle Vinny Announces New Partnership With Huawei. South African presenter and MC Uncle Vinny took to Instagram to announce that he has now partnered with electronics brand Huawei. This partnership comes after he recently announced his other partnership with Puma. The post read, “Proud to announce I am now a Huawei boy!!!!! (another one ) the Huawei nova 8 is here easy to use great design affordable captures great moments!!! you need it.”

This shows that Uncle Vinny is using his influence and large social media following to his advantage as he is able to attract and work with large brands. Uncle Vinny has always been determined to be at the forefront of changing the South African entertainment industry for the better. Him partnering with all these big brand also shows he is building his career to reach a point where he is able to not just influence the youth culture in South Africa but all around the world.

As his popularity has increased Uncle Vinny has been making sure that his brand is associated with the right brands. This brings his name in different conversations as he is able to utilise the connections he acquires to turn them into lucrative business opportunities.

Much like any other influential person right now, Vinny is also a pioneer in social media marketing as he has over 600 000 followers on Instagram. The social media app has become a tool for advertising purposes and large brands tend to use people with large followings on this platform to advertise their products. However, brands don’t just choose anyone with a huge following that their brand doesn’t align with, with the kind of brands that Vinny has been able to partner with, it can be said that he has built his brand to be credible in corporate, hence he is able to clinch these deals.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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