Actress Omuhle Gela Set To Launch Her New Skin Care Brand Called Ayanna Skin

Actress Omuhle Gela Set To Launch Her New Skin Care Brand Called Ayanna Skin. South African actress and entrepreneur Omuhle Gela took to Instagram to announce that she will be launching her new skin care brand called Ayanna Skin soon. She added how she has been using the products for 5 months and how much they have helped her achieve her glowing skin.

The post read, “Hi Bangani I’ve got something coming soon for you… After 3 years of back and forth, Covid putting things on hold. Me putting things on hold and wanting to focus on my pregnancy, I’ve finally managed to complete my long term dream/task.   Being a woman of color I’ve struggled with pigmentation and uneven skin tone and I’ve never wanted to lighten my skin but I’ve always wanted to maintain, get an even skin tone and a natural glow without make up. My Pigmentation got worse during and after pregnancy.”

The post continued to say, “After trying different factories and sampling all products on myself and close friends. We’ve managed to get the perfect Demertologically tested products to help achieve and maintain the perfect glow. I’m so happy to announce my new baby who launches this December. I’m so excited to plug you with my glow secret and I’m sure this finally answers all your skincare regimen questions you had for me. I’ve been using this on my face for about 5 months and I’m so happy. (This product is unisex, cause everybody deserves to serve skin) Ayanna (Beautiful Goddess) Skin……. For GLOW GETTERS @ayannaskin”

Gela explained that the process of making and building her brand was a long one as it took around 3 years. This shows that Gela is passionate about the business venture she is pursuing as she was willing to do research and develop a products for three years so that they can present quality products to the public.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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