Container Conversion Start-Up Isivuno Containers Aims To Recycle Shipping Containers By Turning Them Into Quality Working Spaces

Container Conversion Start-Up Isivuno Containers Aims To Recycle Shipping Containers By Turning Them Into Quality Working Spaces. Isivuno Container Business was established in 2005 and is owned by a previously disadvantaged individual who identified a niche in the market for refurbishing containers. The business is mainly about conversions of ordinary containers into business units which can be purchased at an affordable price.

Isivuno container business is a conversion and supply company based in Pinetown with a mission to serve the Private and Public Sector’s needs. Through its commitment to economic development of previously disadvantaged communities (particularly through Local Economic Development Strategies) the company has worked closely with Local Municipalities in developing a range of container products for uses in the community.

The company seeks to offer container conversion services company. Its core business, is converting marine shopping containers into usable units e.g. offices, tuck shops, classrooms, internet cafes, coffee shops, Ablutions, cold rooms, cinemas, gym in a box etc… The company’s work is completely focused on the client, starting from the philosophy of win-win, with the goal of always bringing more to the table, an “added-value”. It strives to be accessible and affordable, basing its relationship on friendship and trust, while ensuring that the quality of its services and offerings in unsurpassed. The company philosophy is based on honesty and expertise in all that it does. This credo drives it above and beyond competition or a thirst for short-term success.

It promises its clients a quality product which is achieved by using good quality products and skilful workmanship. Isivuno Containers uses the quality products available on the market and it has skilled artisans who produce work of exceptional quality. It also has its own truck, which means its client’s delivery will get to them as soon as the production process has been completed.

Ms. Bev Gumbi-Ngcongwane is the founder and managing Member of Isivuno Containers Business.  She identified a niche in the market for the use of the refurbished container units, where the strength of shipping containers is exploited and the life of these containers is prolonged through their conversion into various solutions for space with respect to but not limited to businesses, accommodation, and sanitation.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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