Fashion Entrepreneur David Tlale Shares The Difficulties Of Building An African Global Fashion Brand

Fashion Entrepreneur David Tlale Shares The Difficulties Of Building An African Global Fashion Brand. Building a fashion brand can be a daunting and difficult task as this requires an entrepreneur to be fully committed to the goal or vision. This means that whatever challenges they face the entrepreneur has to be able to keep going and find solutions that will help them in making the business thrive.

In an interview with The Insider SA fashion designer and entrepreneur David Tlale shared some of the difficulties he faces in building a global fashion brand. He said, “Building this vision of a global brand in South Africa made by South Africans and Africans is to say that we want to thrive for excellence, we want to thrive for that beautiful excellent customer care. Along the journey it has been like really not an easy one because we have burnt our fingers, we have been in financial crisis as a business, we have almost more than once, filed for bankruptcy but because of hard work, experience, passion and love for the industry or even the work that we do we have actually managed to sustain…”

Having a business that is thriving locally can be enough for some people but other entrepreneurs have a goal a vision of building international global brands that can be able to compete with the best brands in the world. An entrepreneur with this vision is bound to face more challenges as they will be entering a territory that they are not familiar with and therefore may struggle, whether it is financially or finding the right people to work and partner with.

The entrepreneur mentioned very important points for when business owners are facing challenges, he said that through hard work and love for what they do, their company was able to overcome such challenges and thrives to make the business a global brand.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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