Founder Of Andura Hardware, Lindo Mnisi Highlights The Long Term Vision Of His Start-Up

Founder Of Andura Hardware, Lindo Mnisi Highlights The Long Term Vision Of His Start-Up. South African entrepreneur and founder of Andura Hardware Lindo Mnisi took to Twitter to reflect on the 1 year journey that the company has had. In his speech Mnisi took his time to highlight what the long-term vision of his startup is.

He said, “The month of October will always occupy a special place in our hearts, this is the month that ushered us into a new era into our pursuit of a vision, a vision to build something that will outlive all of us, a vision to create a company that will always endeavor to give direct and indirect opportunities to a lot of people for years and generations to come. This is a vision that will build communities, inspire generations and change many lives.”

Through the vision that Mnisi shared about his startup, it can be said that he not only wants to make the business a success for the short term but he has a mission of creating something that will be able to sustain the success and itself for years to come. Andura is a retailer of hardware items, DIY tools, building materials and associated products, selling directly to cash-paying and online customers in South Africa. The mentality that Mnisi has towards his business is the one that leads a lot of entrepreneurs to build business that are not short lived, he has a chance to build a company that will have a significant impact in society through providing long term employment opportunities.

Not only is the company closer to where the construction sites are, but it also delivers small to medium products to its clients, free of charge, within specified kilometres. Andura Hardware strictly focuses on in-depth quality product range at the most competitive prices, to meet the needs of the local market for homebuilders, home improvers, contractors, farmers, traders and any persons wanting to purchase its quality DIY and building materials.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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