J’Adore D’Amour Founder Mathapelo Pitsie Details How She Founded Her Shoe Brand

J’Adore D’Amour Founder Mathapelo Pitsie Details How She Founded Her Shoe Brand. In an interview with Relebogile Mabotja, J’Adore D’Amour Founder Mathapelo Pitsie shared how she founded her shoe brand.

She said, “My brand actually changed names three times before we actually got to where it was, and we moved form bikinis and I was like I actually want to open a Instagram store I’m going to do fashion, I’m going to sell clothing. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur but I never really had the direction until I would say my passion found me. I went into Footwear, and Footwear was not something I dreamt of, I never thought I would be a Footwear designer. So what happened is that it happened accidentally. How it happened for me was that I had a lot of shoes and women were asking me where I bought them so instead of referring them to the shop where I bought them I thought why don’t I redirect them to me so that I can sell them. That’s where the brand started by selling one shoe at a time.”

Pitsie highlights how she didn’t know which business to get into at first and she tried to venture into designing bikinis to opening an Instagram store. She wants to point out that entrepreneurs should not give up at their first business if it fails, they should continue exploring different business ventures until they find the one that they are passion about and see its long term vision.

Many entrepreneurs tend to not have it all figured out when they start their businesses, this is why it important for one to start with anything and with any idea they have as this will give them extensive knowledge and experience such that when a business venture fails, they will be able to quickly move on and establish a new one with a better mindset. J’Adore D’AMOUR is an affluent women’s footwear brand founded in 2017, for the sophisticated, audacious & timeless woman dedicated to consistently stepping in style.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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