SA Entrepreneur Ipeleng Mkhari Explains The Importance Of Collaborations When Growing A Business

SA Entrepreneur Ipeleng Mkhari Explains The Importance Of Collaborations When Growing A Business. At a ‘Every Girl Has A Dream’ seminar, South African entrepreneur Ipeleng Mkhari explained the importance of collaborations when one wants to grow a business. Mkhari highlighted that the key to growth is forging partnerships with other entrepreneurs.

She said, “Growth is collaboration, growth is about collaboration, we don’t succeed on our own, success is not about a journey that is taken on your own. We have heard so many people tell you about their stories, because we know that growth is collaboration, you need to identify the people around you that you are going to collaborate with. You need to be able to understand who those people are and as you walk along that journey, be lifted but lift others up because power and growth is about collaboration.”

Mkhari shares a very important point that people do not succeed on their own because human beings are already social beings so therefore they need each other to survive. Entrepreneurs know that they can not go through this journey alone as they will come across difficult situations that will need them to collaborate with other entrepreneurs so that the problem they are facing can be solved efficiently.

Collaboration can also bring about new and innovative ideas that one wouldn’t have thought of if they were working alone, this is why it is crucial for entrepreneurs to choose the people that they’re going to collaborate with carefully. In order for the business to grow, the collaboration should bring about new ideas that will change the company for the better and ultimately see the growth it envisions.

Mkhari is the founder and CEO of Motseng Investment Holdings, which is a 21 year old diversified investment holding company. The company has investments and operations in property and in diversified strategic assets in three Southern African countries.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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