Top 5 Most Prominent Celebrity-Owned Alcohol Brands On Social Media 2021

Top 5 Most Prominent Celebrity-Owned Alcohol Brands On Social Media 2021

Top 5 Most Prominent Celebrity-Owned Alcohol Brands On Social Media 2021. The alcohol industry is not an easy industry to venture into as it poses a lot of challenges that only a few individuals manage to overcome such as capital and distribution. Being a celebrity and owning an alcohol brand can give the brand a lot of free advertising as their fans will be supporting and spreading the word about the brand on social media. Celebrities leverage their following on social media platforms to make sure that their brands gain followers and they become a prominent player in the market. This strategy has been proven to work as some brands have found success because of this. Below are the Top 5 most prominent celebrity-owned alcohol brands on social media in 2021.

Cassper Nyovest’s Billiato

This is an alcohol brand that was founded by rapper Cassper Nyovest. Plans of launching the brand were announced earlier this year as Nyovest shared on the Venom and Banques YFM interview, that he is venturing into the alcohol industry with a new brand launching in December. Since the announcement Cassper has made sure that the brand stays on top of people’s minds as he went on a marketing campaign that that set up the brand to be popular even before its official launch. Cassper Nyovest’s distribution deal with the Billiato brand is very unique as not many celebrities have secured this kind of deal. His brand will be available at all major alcohol retailers in the country, this type of distribution is very hard to attain especially when the brand is just starting out but Nyovest was able to clinch this deal because of the influence he has on his huge fanbase that supports his business ventures. This showed distributors that Nyovest has a lot of fans throughout the country that are willing to spend money and support him, therefore retailers didn’t hesitate to agree to partner with the brand.

Boity’s BT Signature

This is a alcohol brand that was founded by South African television personality, rapper, actress, businesswoman and model, Boity Thulo, in partnership with celebrated winemaker, Matthew Krone. Thulo launched the brand earlier this year but it has managed to amass a large social media following that engages with the brand, this in turn increased the brand’s value due to it social status. Boity’s brand assisted the alcohol brand to gain this social media presence but the company didn’t stop there but it also has deals with retailers such as Spar, Shoprite and Checkers. It not easy for new brands to secure such deals so this shows that the brand is in demand.

DJ Zinhle’s Boulevard Nectar Rose

DJ Zinhle announced that she had acquired equity in Boulevard Nectar Rose. In October 2020, the Boulevard Rose Company announced that DJ Zinhle had acquired equity and had been appointed as its CEO. Due to this announcement the beverage company began to gain a lot of social media presence that resulted in the company receiving South African media coverage. The brand has become very popular among the supporters of DJ Zinhle and the supporters of black owned businesses. To show that the brand is in demand, the DJ also launched a Boulevard Luxury Nectar Signature Edition, she has managed to turn the company’s digital presence around as it is now among the most known celebrity owned alcohol brands.

Pearl Thusi’s Black Rose Gin

Pearl Thusi announced earlier this year that she had acquired a stake in the premium Gin company called Black Rose Gin. The brand has been around since 2018 but it received a lot of publicity in 2021 when Thusi made the stake acquisition announcement. The brand has been able to received a lot of media coverage and it has amassed a social media following that gives it the status of a prominent brand.

Mac G’s Grandeur Gin

This is a alcohol brand that was founded by Mac G, a South African media personality. The company has been able to gain popularity and prominence since Mac G began advertising it on his popular podcast called ‘Podcast and Chill With Mac G’. The brand has been able to grow since it started as it is now available at selected Tops Spar stores. The brand also gained more popularity due to the podcast’s popularity, the brand was trending in Twitter as people were calling it the ‘truth serum’ due to how guests on the podcast would tell the truth after drinking the Gin. This made the Gin gain more popularity and in turn it generated a lot of sales.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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