Co-Founder Of 'Get 2 Natural Beauty' Nosihle Dlamini Details The Company's Ultimate Goal

Co-Founder Of ‘Get 2 Natural Beauty’ Nosihle Dlamini Details The Company’s Ultimate Goal

Co-Founder Of ‘Get 2 Natural Beauty’ Nosihle Dlamini Details The Company’s Ultimate Goal. Co-Founder of ‘Get 2 Natural Beauty’ Nosihle Dlamini detailed the company’s ultimate goal in an interview with DJ Sbu on the Hustler’s Corner. It is always good for entrepreneurs to keep the vision they had for their company very clear, this way they will be able to avoid distractions that keep them from reaching the goal that they set.

Dlamini said, “… Top 3 Fortune 500, it hurts me that as South Africa, the top companies are the international companies, I don’t have a problem with international companies but for me I will not rest until a South African company, specifically Get 2 Natural is the top within its own country, Fortune 500 is where we are going for sure, we want to become a household brand.”

Dlamini made it clear that the company is determined to achieve this milestone as she will personally see to it. She wants to make history by being on the Fortune 500, which would be a huge achievement as she is competing against international large corporations. Entrepreneurs should have dreams that are big enough go scare them as this will provide an incentive to work harder to achieve the dream.

The frustration in hair products that did not fulfil and satisfy its founders’ personal needs and goals served as a catalyst for starting the business. Get2Natural, also known as G2N produces scientifically approved hair, face and body products that contain special healthy ingredients, such as natural butters and oils, aromatherapy oils, and other health boosting substances for improving the appearance, texture and manageability of African hair and skin.

Get2Natural enables women and men through quality natural products, to improve the appearance of their hair, skin and nails, where they no longer need fake-cover ups. Its key products are hair growth oils specifically tailored to their hair type, a hairline repair oil to reverse scalp damage and deep conditioners for moisture treatment and protein treatment for strength.

The company’s natural face products will improve uneven skin tone and achne problems and its nail oil will strengthen and improve the quality of nails.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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