How Occupational Therapy Start-Up 'Lethabo Malatji Occupational Therapy' Is Assisting Different Abled Kids Live Fully

How Occupational Therapy Start-Up ‘Lethabo Malatji Occupational Therapy’ Is Assisting Different Abled Kids Live Fully

How Occupational Therapy Start-Up ‘Lethabo Malatji Occupational Therapy’ Is Assisting Different Abled Kids Live Fully. Lethabo Malatji Occupational Therapy is a startup that is providing paediatric occupational therapy services to children between the ages of 2- 7 years old. The company was founded by Lethabo Malatji, she has dedicated her life to helping children become the best versions of themselves.

The company caters for the conditions such as Autism, Developmental delay and Learning difficulties. The founder, Lethabo Malatji is a highly skilled Occupational Therapist, practising in Pretoria. In 2018, she completed a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University. In 2020, Lethabo pursued a Certificate in Practical Labour Law at the University of Cape Town. Lethabo completed various other courses, including a Medico-legal Foundation Course, a Medico-legal and Report writing course, and a Mental Health in the Workplace course. Lethabo completed her community service at the Department of Health in Limpopo. She currently works as a contractor for an online therapy service, while running her own practice.

Malatji explained in a statement on why she is passionate about helping children, she said, “When I decided to specialise in Paediatrics, it’s because I really want to change the way that we view a child’s abilities. Most of the time we measure our children’s success through the eye of education and how well they do in school but that does not always determine how well they do in life.”

She continued to say, “Children who grow up with conditions that limit them have to navigate a world that is not friendly to the abilities they were given and so from the very beginning, the most important thing is to teach them how to do life, and so often we forget that school is only just a part of the life we live. We still need to be around family and friends, travel and see places, make ourselves meals, groom ourselves and achieve things beyond the classroom.”

Malatji’s long term vision is for her practice is for it to grow and for her to have a school that allows children with different abilities to shine in their own way, this way she will be making huge impact in the kid’s lives.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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