SA Actress Thandeka Qwabe Ventures Into The Farming Business

SA Actress Thandeka Qwabe Ventures Into The Farming Business

SA Actress Thandeka Qwabe Ventures Into The Farming Business. South African actress Thandeka Qwabe has ventured into the farming business, this is after the show she was in ‘Isibaya’ was cancelled, she then realised that farming is one of her passions and she had been neglecting it.

Qwabe told Sowetan Live that, “I’m grateful for my parents that they can always catch me when I fall. The conversation I had with them was that this is a big lesson and if anything should happen to them, who is going to catch me? That’s when I got a wake up. I found myself not in a good space, where I was sad and depressed. I had to make the decision to move back home because being in Joburg didn’t make financial sense.”

Qwabe is showing that it is okay to change career parts when something is not working out, she used her other passions to help her make a living so that she can move on from what was depressing her. A lot of people are facing a similar situation and they are stuck not knowing what they should do. Through her farming business Qwabe has found her new purpose as she is determined to make the farm a success.

She is showing this through how serious she is taking the business venture, before she started farming, Qwabe did a lot of research about the industry, attended farming seminars and sought mentors to help her out in the new venture. “In the beginning I applied for funding, but there was no response. So I started with the little money that I had. My cousin, who is also in farming, connected me with the right people,” Qwabe told Sowetan Live.

She continued to say, “I started going to seminars and I felt alive when I was in that space. The land was very raw, so I had to start from the process of getting the soil right with chemicals and getting the soil tested.” Through following her passions Qwabe has created a new path for herself and has attained success, she hasn’t given up on acting but she has created something that doesn’t make her rely only on acting for her finances.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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