SA Teen Entrepreneur Simphiwe Radebe Shares How He Developed His Own Mobile Application

SA Teen Entrepreneur Simphiwe Radebe Shares How He Developed His Own Mobile Application. In an interview with eNCA, South African teen entrepreneur Simphiwe Radebe shared how he developed his own mobile application called ‘ROADE’.

He said, “I started learning coding when I was 14, that’s when I started leanening Java scrip and making websites better. One of my mentors suggested that I do app development, it’s actually pretty simple if you dedicate yourself to learning more and for me it’s better to create apps that can solve the probes we have in SA. The new ROADE app was inspired by the 2021 business Hackathon, they gave us a few problems to solve and I thought of ROADE app where you can report a port hole or streetlights that are not working and other general issues.”

Radebe also explained that he seeks to create more solutions for the issues that society is facing. Through coding, he will be able to create innovative products that seeks to improve people’s lives. Radebe also encourages young people to enter the coding space, as he believes that technology is the future and that young people should take advantage of this so that they can also have a positive impact in society.

Radebe shows that age is not something that can limit someone from learning new information and applying what they have learnt. Through his determination and passion for coding Radebe was able to achieve this huge milestone as a teenager, this also shows that he will create more innovative solutions in the future as he loves what he does.

The technology space has grown rapidly throughout the years in such a way that these days people rely on mobile applications to do a lot of tasks, this created an opportunity for people to also learn and provide digital solutions as the industry will keep growing because the demand for digital tools is high.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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