Moja Chicken Announces Partnership With Local Black Female Poultry Farmer

Moja Chicken Announces Partnership With Local Black Female Poultry Farmer

Moja Chicken Announces Partnership With Local Black Female Poultry Farmer. South African fast food franchise Moja Chicken took to Twitter to announce its new partnership with a local black female poultry farmer. The company did not disclose her name, however she is going to be supplying all the Moja Chicken stores with chicken products.

The post read, “We thrilled to announce that Moja Chicken have appointed its first poultry farmer to supply all stores with chicken products. Congratulations our dear sister and we are happy that it is a deal that makes both parties happy. We happy that it happened to be black female farmer.”

Partnerships between local startups are something that is needed in order for small businesses and industries to grow. This type of partnership uplifts the businesses as it is mutually beneficial, Moja Chicken will be able to get its supply of chicken products and the farmer will be compensated for the products. This way both businesses are able to function optimally as they will have the resources they need to carry out their operations.

These type of partnerships also signify that local businesses are viable for lucrative business deals. People should not only look to partner with business that are already established, they can find a upcoming startup that has a lot of potential and invest in a partnership, this will do more change and impact than collaborating with a big corporation. These small businesses will then be uplifted and given a chance to grow and position themselves in a where they can also help others who are in a similar situation.

Moja Chicken is a fast food startup that is growing at a rapid rate as it has recently opened another one of its franchise. By collaborating with this local farmer, the company will seek to supply all its stores and this means that the deal is very lucrative, which means it’s a good business deal for both parties.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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