Internet Provider Innovo Networks Seeks To Provide Superior Connectivity Solutions

Internet Provider Innovo Networks Seeks To Provide Superior Connectivity Solutions

Internet Provider Innovo Networks Seeks To Provide Superior Connectivity Solutions. Innovo Networks is a leading Communications Service Provider, and together with its partners the company strives to offer a superior client service experience for client and partner organisations. All of its solutions and services are built on a world-class, secure and resilient infrastructure, delivered according to global best practices and in partnership with the world’s leading technology vendors, such as Huawei, Vodacom, Fortinet, HP and Dell.

In the dynamic telecommunications environment, technology can no longer be used as the only differentiator. The stringent regulatory environment means that telecommunications companies have to constantly think out of the box and innovate differently to the rest of the world when responding to client business challenges. This in itself is an opportunity to create real depth in services and solutions that respond to these challenges.

While innovation and solution development drive opportunity for business growth, it is the Client that must remain at the core of what Innovo Networks does. For Innovo Networks, clearly focusing on its key segments provides for differentiation as it focuses on two key pillars of the South African market. The first pillar is Enterprise and Business Market, within this market, there are certain segments that are specific to its definition of clients segments that Innovo Networks is addressing. These are: Large, medium and small organisations as well as a large number of consumer-focussed service providers that do not own their own networks and Innovo Networks provides them with the underlying infrastructure.

The second pillar is Public Sector Clients across National, Provincial and Local Government, in this market, Innovo Networks tracks record of enabling government to meet its mandate of service delivery across the three spheres of government, demonstrates its commitment as a South African Corporate citizen to ensure that its vision to be the people connecting Africa, resonates with the government’s intent to bridge the digital divide and make ICT an enabler, not only for the government but for its citizens as well.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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