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List of bookmakers in South Africa You Can Use

South Africa has an astounding number of people who are active bettors. There are now several bookmakers with several active bettors and an increasing number of new participants. These bookmakers claim to offer the best offers to take advantage of the expansive SA spotting environment.  

Yes. Bettors can wager on numerous sports in SA, depending on their choice. With the amount of bookmakers in the South African gambling scene, it has become necessary to regulate gambling. So, SA has boards that ensure that bookmakers play by the law. 

We know people don’t let the law stop them when they want to do something harmful. So, there still exists a good number of bookmakers who want to scam you. Besides that, even legal gambling platforms try to steal an advantage over you. So, it makes sense to get a lift of bookmarkers you can trust. You’ll get them here. 

List of Best Bookmarkers 

We have spent a significant amount of time scouring the web for these platforms that are good for you. However, after we provide these bookies for you, we will give you the knowledge you need to choose for yourself. We also suggest that you check for more info. So look out for them after reading this list: 


One of the fun things about a betting website is the availability of different gambling events and options. As an online bookie, 1xBet has become vastly experienced in providing gamblers with the best wagering experience. 

1XBet has an extensive library of sports you can bet on and each of these sports has multiple options. With 1xBet, it is not just a linear bet where the winner takes all. Depending on the sport, you can get different options like match win, yellow or red cards, first half win, and first to score. Possibilities are close to endless. 

While they have juicy offers, they stand out with their focus on website customer service. Customers can quickly get straightforward access to customer care. Let’s not forget about the live bet options, which allow you to wager on a team when the match starts. 


  • Live bet options. 
  • Great customer care 
  • Big sports gambling options. 
  • Multiple language options. 
  • Bet builder options. 


  • The website is old school
  • Excellent customer support but only in a few languages. 
  • KYC policy can be more than thorough and sometimes frustrating. 

Playa Bets. 

Be a player with Playa Bets. That sounded better than in our head, but we will be keeping it anyway. A little bit of cheese can be cool, too, and to be honest, Playa Bets is one of the kings of cool. Unfortunately, this bookie doesn’t have an app, but this made it develop its website. 

This platform has been around for over 30 years but only migrated online sometimes after 2010. So, it has an excellent pedigree behind it. A product of this pedigree is that there are numerous sports you can wager on. Each sport comes with lucrative options designed to make you a winner one way or the other. 

Apart from the different sports and the multiple options you can gamble on in each sport, there’s live betting. A game has started, not to worry. With Playa, you can still get some wagers to play. 

Moving on, this website is legal and approved by the government. And Registration is not as tasking as you might be used to. You can quickly deposit, but withdrawal can take time. Nonetheless, there’s one fascinating thing. If a bet ruins your wager, you can still cash out. Neat, isn’t it?


  • Great company pedigree
  • Excellent UX on the website 
  • Live betting. 
  • Match tracking on live gambling
  • Easy cash outs. 


  • Slight withdrawal challenges. It takes more time. 
  • Lack of an app
  • You can only bet live but can stream live games. 


When it comes to betting lists in South Africa, we believe no list is complete without Betway. True, Betway is an international brand that has had considerable experience in gambling. They pay attention to their customers and have developed a highly responsive customer service team just for you. 

Betway, like the other platforms on this list, has excellent security. Apart from their security, they have registered with the relevant South African authorities. So, you can wager on multiple competitions and games on the Betway platform without fear. In addition, there are live betting options that add to the overall experience. 


  • Live gambling 
  • Secure platform
  • Impressive customer service. 
  • Multiple options for gambling


  • Too many options can lead to confusion
  • Customer support is impressive, but you can only access it via live chat. 

How We Selected. 

As we mentioned earlier, we used some criteria as the basis before choosing. We promised to list those criteria, and we are keeping their promise. So, read to learn about these criteria. 


This is a primary factor to out just. We don’t just want you to wager. We want you to make more while betting less. These platforms have terrific odds potential. The more the odds, the more the pay. 


True, not all the listed platforms have over-the-top interfaces, but they are functional enough for use. So, when you want to choose, examine the UI. 

Offers and Bonuses. 

These gambling sites have juicy offers and bonuses. Offers and perks allow you to maximise your stakes. 

Withdrawal and Deposits. 

Withdrawal and deposits are crucial aspects of any betting website. So, be sure that the platform you want to use allows you to deposit and withdraw quickly. 

However, sometimes as our experience with this platform has shown us, withdrawal could take longer. In these instances, you need not be worried. Platforms play by the book, so they won’t lose their licences. They would still pay you. 


A bookie must be legal. You can put yourself at risk when you use an illegal bookie. They would have your personal information and be able to use that personal information against you. So as much as you are looking for the best odds, look for legal platforms. 


Gambling has become a core activity that follows all major sporting events. As passionate sports lovers, SA has numerous staking sites. So, it is important to choose well.

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