RMB Corvest Announces The Acquisition Of Halewood International SARMB Corvest Announces The Acquisition Of Halewood International SA

RMB Corvest Announces The Acquisition Of Halewood International SA

RMB Corvest Announces The Acquisition Of Halewood International SA. RMB Corvest teamed up with Chris Seabrooke, Mike Teke and RMB Family Office Group Solutions (through their investment entity “Masimong Beverages Holdings”), as well as management to acquire Halewood International SA, a well-established South African drinks manufacturer.

RMB Corvest is an experienced specialist PE partner, favouring long-term partnerships that support continued growth for their investments. “Our interest lies in forming enduring collaborations that yield maximum returns for all parties involved. This allows for solid steady growth within the business”, says Menzi Khoza, executive: RMB Corvest. “We offer both strategic and financial support to skilful management teams and leave it to them to run their own businesses.”

Halewood was established in 1999 and has since become a fixture in the South Africa’s spirits industry. The business currently manufacturers, imports and distributes a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including mixed drinks “RTD’s” like Red Square Vodka and spirits including Belgravia Gin. The manufacturing operations are supported by three depots (Durban, Cape Town and Ladysmith) with an additional eight outsourced depots across the country, enabling national distribution. The challenges around liquor bans and supply chains have been mitigated, and with Halewood’s significant reach in the sector, the business has steadily been building its capacity.

“Critically, Halewood has an exceptionally experienced management team” adds RMB Corvest executive, Brendan Wiebols. “This, coupled with the company’s strong revenue growth, and potential for future growth along with new product lines, makes Halewood a perfect fit regarding our investment criteria.”

“Our priority was for us to find like-minded investment partners,” says Johan Oosthuizen, Managing Director: Halewood. “And we found that with RMB Corvest and the Masimong Beverages team. Our commitment to focused growth and excellence extends from our products through to our customer satisfaction. We’ve recently invested capital in automation for our manufacturing processes, which will allow for increased production aligning with our growth strategy.”

“With an experienced management team, in addition to existing relationships with multiple major players across the FMCG sectors – this promises to be an exceptionally rewarding investment,” concludes Wiebols.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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