Interview With Macrame Too Business Founder Gillian Stander!

Interview With Macrame Too Business Founder Gillian Stander! Macrame has had a great comeback to claim a spot on the most popular decor trends in the past year. The rise in demand has seen a lot of creatives enter the medium.

We recently had a chat with Macrame Too founder, Gillian Stander on how she’s setting her business apart from the rest, challenges of owning a start up business in the Covid-19 era and how she doesn’t compromise on the value of her business.

Check out the interview below.

Q: What inspired the birth of Macrame Too?

Answer: Macrame Too is still a very new and developing brand. It was birthed out of a desire to give my soul a creative outlet. As a creative person, my job role had changed to one that wasn’t inherently creative and I started to feel it. Even though I absolutely love my job, there was a part of me that wanted to find something just for me. What started as an expression of my creativity quickly developed into something so much more as I discovered that everyone wants a beautiful piece of Macrame Too (hence the name)!

Q: What is the drive behind your business?

Answer: To create beautiful things for people. 

Q: What challenges has your business faced? Has COVID-19 affected your business in any way?

Answer: I guess my only challenge has been finding a competitive pricing standard. It’s hard to compete when others in the industry are much cheaper. As a mother who also has a full time job, my Macrame time is limited and so when I create, it’s valuable time that needs to reflect in what the pieces are worth to me.

Q: What is your business’s mission statement?

Answer: To brighten rooms and lives.

Q: What sets Macrame Too apart from any other Macrame businesses?

Answer: Attention to detail. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I want my pieces to be really neat and well made. I also put a lot of effort into my brand and photos, to best showcase my work.

Q: What’s the creative process when designing a Macrame Too product?

Answer: Macrame is as much technical as creative. It’s quite a precise art so when starting a new project I first need to calculate how many strands of rope needed and their length. It’s a bit of trial and error but I’ve mostly figured out the formula depending on what I’m making. I’ve had to untie a lot of pieces because the strands ended up being too short, but that’s art for you. Nothing is a waste because you always learn. 

Q: Making Macrame Too products must be time consuming, how do you unwind?

Answer: Once I’m working on a piece, it’s actually quite methodical and therapeutic. I usually put on music or a podcast and along with the process of creating something, I feel revived. 

Q: What has your business taught you about entrepreneurship or life that you wasn’t aware of before?

Answer: The small business world is actually a very inclusive and supportive community. People genuinely wants small businesses to flourish and they champion each other. I’ve also learnt that people will pay for a well produced product. Don’t sell yourself short, charge what you’re worth.

Q: What has been the fulfilling part of your business, what are you most proud of?

Answer: Just that people actually bought my pieces! I feel so honored that people would commission me to make a piece of art for them. I love seeing my Macrame in someone’s home, bringing joy to the space. 

Q: Are there any prospects of expansion in the future and what would that look like?

Answer: I’ve also always wanted to do something that could eventually create employment for other woman. Macrame is a teachable skill that can be taught to anyone and I hope to eventually be able to empower other woman to make an income through Macrame Too! 

Q: How can potential customers reach your business?

Answer: Through my Instagram page @macrame_too or email They can also shop some of my pieces online at

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